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If you’ve got a club, now it’s time to become a member.

From gymnasts, to coaches, to volunteers and officials, we're here to support you at every stage of your gymnastics journey. As the national governing body for gymnastics, we strive to give gymnasts, and people who deliver gymnastics, a rewarding experience in the sport.

Annual membership details
Our organisation works to create a welcoming and rewarding environment for everyone to succeed.

Our membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September (1st September to 31st August for Scotland). We have different levels of membership available with associated annual fees.

All current members will need to renew their British Gymnastics membership from 1st October. New gymnasts can join at any time during the year provided they have been offered a place in a British Gymnastics registered club.

Account type required
•If you’re under 16 you’ll need a parent or guardian to create your account
•If you’re 16 or 17 you can choose to create your own account or alternatively, can ask a parent or guardian to do this for you
•If you’re 18 you will need to create your own account.

Please note: If you are renewing and you have celebrated your 18th birthday since the start of the membership year, and you didn’t set up your own membership account last time, you’ll need to create your own account this time.

Once you've found your club, it's time to join the British Gymnastics community.

Continue your journey with us for another year.

If you are upgrading your membership then please continue your journey with us for another year.

Understanding our Competition Structures
Competitions that are part of the British Gymnastics National Development Plan (NDP) require Competitive Gymnast Membership. Click here to view the NDP Competition Structure.

For competitions outside of the British Gymnastics NDP structure please refer to the individual competition rules to determine the required level of membership.

Click here to read our membership frequently asked questions.


£10 for September/October - £13 thereafter

Not yet in full time education during this membership year, your child is beginning their gymnastics journey. We’ll be here to support their development every step of the way.

Recreational Gymnast

£15 for September/October - £19 thereafter

You or your child are taking part in gymnastics from once a week up to competing in local and some regional competitions. You’re covered with our comprehensive insurance and can access our expertly created gymnastics programmes and products.

Competitive Gymnast

£35 for September/October - £43 thereafter

This membership is for gymnasts achieving the amazing every day, competing in official pathway events at regional, national and British Championship levels.

Assistant Coach

£35 for September/October - £43 thereafter

A valid DBS and safeguarding award are required to be in place for membership

You’ve achieved your Level 1 coaching qualification and are taking the first steps on your coaching pathway. You assist coaches in running sessions and you are learning all the time.

Required for a level 1 qualified coach


£62 Membership subsidy for 2021 - Reduced from £78

A valid DBS and safeguarding award are required to be in place for membership

You’re a qualified deliverer of our sport, helping more and more gymnasts achieve amazing things. You are also able to mentor assistant coaches working towards their own qualifications.

Required for a level 2 and above qualified coach

Club Officer

£15 for September/October - £19 thereafter

This is ideal for the club secretary. You are the integral link between British Gymnastics and your club.

Welfare Officer

£15 for September/October - £19 thereafter

Valid DBS, safeguarding and time to listen qualifications are required for this role

You’re an integral part of protecting the sport we love as a point of contact for safeguarding, coaches conduct, and the wellbeing of the gymnasts.

Club Adminstrator

£15 for September/October - £19 thereafter

This is ideal for a general administrator. As a key member of staff, you’re often organising the day-to-day running of the club.


£15 for September/October - £19 thereafter

As a judge you assess athletes’ competitive skills at a variety of different competitions. These range from in house or recreational competitions to club, county and regional events as gymnasts aim for the nationals.

National/Brevet Judge

£62 - Membership subsidy for 2021 - Reduced from £78

A valid DBS and safeguarding award may be required to be in place for this role

You judge at the highest competitive levels of the sport, travelling across the UK and the world to assess athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games, world championships, and the Olympic Games.