2011 Women's British Championships - British Gymnastics

2011 Women's British Championships

Hannah_Whelan085Hannah Whelan - back-to-back British Champion

City of Liverpool’s Hannah Whelan has been crowned the women’s senior all-around British Champion for the second year in a row!

Whelan scored an impressive 56.350, three whole marks ahead of the rest of the field in front of her clubs home crowd at the Echo Arena. She was followed by Heathrow’s Danusia Francis, (53.150) who took the silver, with Whelan's teammate Jenni Pinches taking bronze, (52.850).

Hannah Whelan's teammate Rebecca Tunney took the junior all-around title and Beth Tweddle then went on to take both the floor and bars apparatus titles to cap off a great weekend for The City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club at the Echo Arena.

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Senior all around competition

Hannah Whelan scored an impressive 56.350, three whole marks ahead of the rest of the field in front of her clubs home crowd at the Echo Arena. She was followed by Heathrow’s Danusia Francis, (53.150) who took the silver, with Whelan's teammate Jenni Pinches taking bronze, (52.850).

In the most prestigious event in the women's calendar, with the pressure of competing in the huge arena and on podiums, there were some costly mistakes by many of the gymnasts making it a fight all the way to the finish. There was promising work from the likes of Jocelyn Hunt of Horsham, and impressive comebacks from Niamh Rippin from Notts and Lizzie Beddoe from Cardiff Central.

Beth Tweddle, who only competes on two pieces, was on top form on the floor posting a score of 14.950, proving why she is a World Champion on this apparatus. Tweddle had a few errors on the bars but managed to recover to produce a solid routine in front of her home crowd that qualified her in the top spot for the apparatus finals tomorrow.

Hannah Whelan -
“I’m really pleased with today’s performance, there is still a few harder skills I'm working on but they weren’t quite ready for today’s competition. The atmosphere was really great in the arena and everybody was cheering each other on. To be crowned British Champion again is a huge houour for me - especially in Liverpool with such great support.”

Danusia Francis -
“I was slightly annoyed more than anything when I fell on beam but I tried to shake it all off and get back from there so I’m really pleased. I’ve got a new floor routine which has quite a lot in it so I found it quite hard stamina wise but was happy to finish with the music!”

Jenni Pinches -
"My competition went well. I fell on bars and beam but the rest of my routines went quite well. The last two British Championships haven’t gone great for me due to injury and a bit of disaster on vault, so I’m pleased with today for various reasons. The podiums felt strange; it didn’t feel like the British but in a good way! It will definitely be great experience for the younger gymnasts tomorrow."

Junior all-around competition

 City of Liverpool's Rebecca Tunney is the 2011 women’s artistic gymnastics British champion! Competing on podium at the impressive Echo Area, the junior girls rose to the occasion in a close fought battle for the coveted title. Rebecca finished with an all-around score of 54.850 putting her just ahead of Sapphire's Gabrielle Jupp scoring 54.150, with Rebecca’s City of Liverpool teammate Abi Caig in bronze (53.700).

Rebecca Tunney-
‘I wasn’t expecting the win at all today so I’m really pleased. I’ve competed on podiums before and always find it such great experience and it was great having the support of my club here in its hometown. All the younger gymnasts from my club were able to watch and were cheering me on it was great. I'm looking forward to watching the senior competition this afternoon and will be cheering on my team mates Hannah, Beth and Jenni.’

Gabrielle Jupp-
‘I was really pleased with how I performed today but probably a bit disappointed with my bars, but I have the European Youth Olympic Festival coming up soon and I'm hoping to hit 54.000 again and put in another good performance. I’m looking forward to relaxing and watching all of the Seniors compete later.’

Abi Caig-
‘I'm really pleased with my performance today, especially that I managed to make bars final which is a big achievement for me. I've always wanted to compete on podiums and now I've done it, in front of my home crowd as well!’

Apparatus finals

The senior vault saw Imogen Cairns take the gold with 13.925. She was closely followed by some impressive work from Danielle Mcnaney representing Hinckley Gymnastics Club with 13.525. Niamh Rippin took the Bronze medal. (13.475)

Beth Tweddle performed an excellent routine, much to the excitement of the crowd on the bars scoring an impressive 15.200. Hannah Whelan (13.900) and Jenni Pinches (13.500) made it a Liverpool one, two, three, taking Silver and Bronze respectively.

Danusia Francis performed a beautiful clean routine after an unfortunate fall in the all around competition, scoring an impressive 14.700. Hannah Whelan again showed great composure on this apparatus and closely followed with 14.500. Imogen Cairns didn’t have the same skill set but showed great determination and performed a very precise routine for13.450.

World Champion on the floor, Beth Tweddle, showed great expression in her dance and really performed to the crowd taking the gold with 15.250. Niamh Rippin took the silver with 14.250 with an impressive routine after being out for some time with injury. Jenni Pinches composed herself well after a disappointment on the beam to take the Bronze. (14.150)

A very successful weekend for Raer Theaker saw her take share Vault title with
Gabrielle Jupp both scoring 13.450. A very petite but powerful Claudia Fragapane took away a deserved bronze medal with13.300.

Rebecca Tunney performed a bar routine with skills on par with many of the more senior gymnasts taking the gold with 13.450. She was closely followed by Ruby Harold (13.250) who with a few small errors looks to have more to give in the future. Raer Theaker secured her second medal of the Championships with a clean routine to take the bronze (12.700).

Gabrielle Jupp showed great confidence on the beam and some very promising work to take the title with 14.100. Bille Mackenzie, who also took the award for artistry for her work on this apparatus, followed Jupp in the silver with 13.850. Abi Caig not far behind took the bronze with 13.800.

Rebecca Tunney took her second title of the day on floor, following in her teammate Beth Tweddle’s footsteps with 13.900. Gabrielle Jupp performed some impressive tumbling and wasn’t far behind to score 13.850. Abi Caig seized her second bronze of the finals with 13.550.

Amy Tinkler proved size isn’t everything on vault when she scored a huge 13.075 for her two vaults. Ellis O’Reilly was equally impressive scoring13.00 only just behind Tinkler, taking the silver. Erin Mclachlan again was very close taking the bronze with 12.975.

Chantelle Halford took her only medal of the day but a deserved gold on the bars with 12.250 after fulfilling all the requirements. April Maslen followed in silver (12.600)
And Georgina Clements performed a clean routine to her home crowd to take the bronze. (11.450)

Imogen Chan took one of her two title of the day on beam with some elegane work scoring 13.450. The all-around espoir champion, Rhyannon Jones took the silver with 13.300 and Amy Tinkler added to her medal collection taking the Bronze with 13.150.

Imogen Chan took her second title on this apparatus, again showing great expression and elegance posting a 13.250. Shannon Archer took the Silver medal after a crowd pleasing routine to the music of Swan Lake with13.050. Followed by Georgina Clements who took her second bronze medal (12.900)