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Disability Gymnastics

Disability Gymnastics
A disability gymnastics programme has been in place at British Gymnastics since 1985. Previously known as GMPD; (Gymnastics & Movement for People with Disabilities) it now has the new name of 'Disability Gymnastics'. The disability gymnastics programme ensures that gymnastics is adapted to meet the needs of each gymnast. Through the delivery of disability gymnastics, coaches can enable all disabled gymnasts to achieve their full potential, focusing on what they can do, not on what they can't do. From fundamental movement activity to elite gymnastics skills, disability gymnastics has something exciting, fun and engaging for all disabled people to enjoy; it is also widely recognised as providing many physical and social benefits for participants, such as developing increased coordination skills and building confidence. Disability gymnastics is a far more recognisable and inclusive title for this exciting programme. It also follows the social model terminology for disability, which is socially acceptable and truly reflects the inclusive nature of the programme.

Who can get involved?
Disability gymnastics is 'pan-disability'; meaning that any disabled person can take part if they cannot access mainstream gymnastics. All gymnastics disciplines can be adapted to include disabled people in the sport and competitive opportunities exist within men's artistic, women's artistic, rhythmic, trampoline, teamgym and acrobatic gymnastics. The disability gymnastics pathway provides training and competition opportunities for gymnasts that cannot adequately access mainstream gymnastics, creating a level playing field for all to enjoy gymnastics and achieve. If you would like to see disability gymnastics in action, please click here to visit the Find an Event link on the BG website.

Where can you get involved?
There are hundreds of clubs all over Great Britain that offer either disability gymnastics or inclusive gymnastics programmes. In fact, more and more clubs are getting involved every year. Join a gymnastics club today.