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Judging Gymnastics

“Judging is a great experience - you learn more about gymnastics, have fun and 'give back' to the sport you enjoy. There can be no competitions without judges. Whether it is a local school competition, where you see children having fun and taking part for the first time or a national, or international championships judges always have a front row seat and are at the heart of the action.” – Brevet Judge 

Judges are an integral part of gymnastics. The competitive aspect of our sport requires great judges who understand and apply the discipline specific rules in a fair, objective and consistent way.

As a judge you get to experience exciting competitions and watch dynamic performances. You are able to judge participants at a variety of levels, be part of our vibrant judging community and may even enjoy some international travel.

How to get started
We offer a comprehensive range of courses to support you in taking your first steps in judging.

Intro To…Judging: (aimed at ages 11-17) This course offers an insight into the role of a judge. You will learn about the role and responsibilities, why we judge and the importance of judging.

For more information explore our Intro to... Judging course

Floor and Vault Judge: (Aged 14+) Floor and vault competitions can be great fun to judge. Participants perform a variety of exciting cartwheels, rolls, balances and vaults. Throughout the course you will develop the skills necessary to score routines correctly. This course will qualify you to judge floor and vault competitions at club, school and county level.

For more information explore our Floor and Vault judge course

Club Judge: (Aged 14+) In most disciplines, this is the first step to becoming a judge. This course will introduce you to the various roles and responsibilities of being a judge. You will learn how to technically judge gymnastics skills within your chosen discipline and how to make deductions as part of the judging execution panel.

Once qualified you will become part of a prestigious community of judges dedicated to serving the sport.

For more information explore our full range of judging courses

Developing further skills and qualifications?
As you progress through the judging pathway you get to experience even more exciting competitions and highly technical and impressive routines. Most gymnastics disciplines start from Club level and progress to National. However, you may choose to add breath to your existing skills and expertise by undertaking a judging qualification in a different discipline.

Explore our full range of judging courses

Special note: It is important to note that competition rules and regulations for competitive disciplines are revised and updated every four years in line with the Olympic cycle, led by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), and the Union Européenne de Gymnastique (UEG), in the case of Team Gym. Sometimes revisions are issued mid-cycle. This all means that our judges have to be flexible and adaptable to change. Due to the revision in rules and regulations in this area you are able to revalidate your judging qualification every four years, in line with the Olympic cycle.