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When you affiliate to London Gymnastics there are many benefits that you will be entitled to.  We provide our member clubs with a fantastic competition programme and unrivalled technical know-how for each discipline of gymnastics.  We offer competitive programmes in all disciplines at all levels including grass roots and ‘Gymnastics For All’ (GFA) activities. Plus, national events that include the well renowned London Festival of Gymnastics, Men’s London Open and Development Open competition.   Through our partnership with British Gymnastics, we are able to provide the very best Coach and Judge education system and a wealth of volunteering opportunities.

Regional Affiliation ensures that our member clubs get the best possible service including:
A developmental programme of events across all disciplines.
A comprehensive competition Structure leading into the National Competition Programme.
Entry into regional events and competitions across all disciplines.
Entry to club conferences, awards events, coach clinics, judging clinics and regional training.
Funding for career and volunteer development via the Platten Scholarship.
Proactive communications support by varied digital media channels.
Webinars and Zoom meetings on relevant topics. 
Special Annual Projects. 
Support on legal, financial and integrity matters, including health and safety. 

Rules and Procedures:
The Regional Affiliation of a club is determined by club capacity and aligned to the BG club registration banding.
The club is affiliated to the region, not individuals.
The London Gymnastics Management Committee will set the fees annually, based on the necessary operational income required to run the organisation.
Clubs will receive notification of the affiliation fee and the terms of payment each November for payment by the end of the following January.
The clubs may determine how they will generate the revenue to pay the annual affiliation.
Clubs must be registered with British Gymnastics at the time of application to affiliate to the region.
Coaches must be registered members of British Gymnastics and in good standing.
Clubs that have not re-affiliated by the end of January will be temporarily suspended from membership of the region and will be ineligible to enter competitions organised by any of the Regional Technical Committees, access funding or grants, training camps or any other regionally organised event. 
Clubs wishing to re-affiliate to London Gymnastics after any period of lapsed membership may be subject to a fine, to be decided by the Management Committee.
London Gymnastics has the right to refuse Affiliation of a Club if there are ongoing /outstanding complaint against that club.
London Gymnastics has the right to refuse affiliation, if we believe a club is not registering its gymnasts and coaches appropriately with British Gymnastics.
London Gymnastics will refuse to affiliate clubs which hold membership of British Gymnastics and any additional organisation.

How to Join/Affiliate: 
Why Join London Gymnastics? Download the documents and see!

You can download the 2021 Application for Regional Affiliation V3 here.

If you have any queries please contact the London Gymnastics Regional Administrator at

We look forward to welcoming your club to the London Gymnastics family!

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