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Welcome to our For Sale & Wanted page. This page is predominantly for our member clubs who are looking to try and sell on items (such as equipment, foam etc). Also a chance for people to ask for items, which others may no longer need or be willing to share. London Gymnastics takes no part in any sale, and any transaction remains purely between the seller and the buyer.

If you would like to add an item to this page, please complete the  document application form (272 KB) and email it to Anne McNeill.

Items will be posted for three months and automatically removed after this period. If your post is no longer valid prior to this period do let us know and we can withdraw the post. Equally, we can keep the post for longer than 3 months if you let us know you would like it to remain.

Current items listed for sale/wanted:

North East London Gymnastics Club Ltd (14th June 2018)

Gymnova Table Vault, Gymnova Soft Spring Board,  2 x Trampettes,  Gymnova Free standing A-bars with mats but only one wooden bar,  Continental Spring board, JF Springboard. 

They all work but pdf see the photos (942 KB)

Vaulting table Gymnova, its the standard height one not the Team Gym version. It has 2 rips in the cover one shown on the front and there is another similar one on the side so probably could do with a replacement cover. One of the rubber feet needs changing as well but both can be ordered from Gymnova.

Gymnova Free Standing A-bars We need  a new set which open wider and only have space for one set so they have to go  They are great for a recreational club or school and can be folded away with the mats. They are shown here without the red mats that fold up with it but I do have these as well and they can be sold with or without the folding mats. It can be used with one or both bars and they can be fixed down with chains if you want to make them more secure. They have a bit of movement in them as they are getting old so may only have a few more years left or all the bolts will need replacing. They have been serviced each year by Gymnova. They are for sale with or without the folding mats BUT I'm only selling one of the 2 wooden bars as I need one to go into my high bar. You can buy the 2nd bar for about £400 from Gymnova or for the same price from me as it is a new replacement wooden bar.

If you need more info please ask.  Thanks Lara

Vaulting table Gymnova £400
Gymnova Springboard £150
Continental Springboard £50
A - Bars with foldout mats (not shown in picture) £800
J 7 F Springboard £150
Trampette £100
Nounasport trampette £100

Sensible offers considered.

Collection please and we would like items picked up before the 15th July if possible.

Lara 07931703884

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