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The London Olympic Games has inspired many to take up a sport, and the successes of the British gymnastics teams has meant many come "knocking on the door" of local gymnastics clubs keen to take up gymnastics activities.

For most, this means joining a recreational group within the club. This will be their first taste of "Gymnastics for All". Here they will take part in gymnastics activities, using the equipment available, and getting a feeling of what gymnastics entails.

Most gymnasts stay at this level, as many children are actively encouraged to take part in other sports and activities which fill up their (and their parents) week. However, some gymnasts are identified as having more potential, and the good coach will advise parents of pathways to take in advancing to a higher level.

We in London recognise that many wish to stay at recreational level, and provide a comprehensive and achievable competition structure. Competitions are held twice a year in and around the London region.

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