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A new set of recognition awards have been created for 2015, which mark a fundamental change to the way we recognise the achievements of our members.

At the heart of this new awards scheme is a shift of emphasis to reward achievement in a timely fashion.

By this we mean that when our members attain a certain level, they will be rewarded at discipline specific events throughout the year.

As you will see, the system itself is transparent, as we have removed nearly all of the subjectivity to the award nominations and instead we will reward based on what is achieved by our members.

We have streamlined the number of awards being given out, and concentrated on awards that focus on the achievements within the region and less so inside clubs, which we now feel can be catered better by the clubs themselves. So Merit Awards are removed, but are replaced by an exciting new Volunteer Rewards Scheme.

Across Gymnasts, Coaches and Judges, we have standardised the level of awards with a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum attainment level. From 2015 onwards we are introducing a training grant which will be paid to gymnasts and coaches when they obtain Gold or Platinum level. Amounts may vary year on year, but will be displayed in the digital version of this document on the London Gymnastics website.

In early 2015 we will announce details of our new awards evening that will take place on Saturday 28 November 2015. Details of the format, that will focus on the ‘spectacular’ as a review and recognition of the years achievement will follow.


Throughout the year our TC Chair’s will reward members at specific TC events as soon as members achieve the necessary level as described in the subsequent criteria pages.

To avoid any doubt, we will also be introducing a ‘self-nomination’ form which can be accessed and completed via the London Gymnastics website. Any nominations made will be sent directly to TC Chairs to alert them to an award.

We will keep a central database of awards made throughout the year and we will invite some awards recipients to the annual awards evening.

Further queries can be sent to You can also view the  pdf Awards Criteria ( Amended 11/16) (1.05 MB) here.

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