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Men's London Open Shield Rebrand

MLO Shields 2016The London Open Series is now in it’s 106th Year. The Westminster Cup Competition is the Oldest and Longest running competition in Great Britain.

In this important Olympic Year we have made the decision that 2016 will be the final year we present the Clayton Bolt and Loveday Shields.

From 2017 these two key competitions will be rebranded in honour of two great supporters of the Men’s London Open Competition.

We are delighted to announce that the Clayton Bolt Competition will be renamed in honour of a gymnast who epitomises everything that our Men’s London Open Series embodies; elegance, determination, skill and ultimately results. From 2017 the Clayton Bolt Competition will be renamed the Whitlock Cup in honour of Max Whitlock, our four-time Westminster Cup winner.  

The Loveday Trophy will be renamed after a stalwart of both London and British Gymnastics and from 2017 the Competition will be known as the Peter Moore Cup in recognition of Peter Moore London Gymnastics President who has served our sport so well as coach, judge, Club owner, President and a long time servant to Gymnastics.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Max and Peter for agreeing to have these Shields named after them. We have every confidence that the future winners will be motivated by the great ambassadors for our sport that the trophies have been named after.

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