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2nd London Rhythmic Championships – Thank you

A grateful message received from a coach following the second London Championship held at SportsDock at the University of East London.

All our gymnasts had a great time and enjoyed it very much. Competition atmosphere was friendly and welcoming which is very important to make sure children are enjoying experience of competing, rather than experiencing stress and pressure.

I would like to say that venue decoration was absolutely fabulous, all our gymnasts and parents was very impressed and appreciated the effort from organisers. We took great pictures and venue looks highly professional.

Hence, all our parents suggested venue is very comfortable with good amenities, good location and easy accessible by public transport and car, with plenty of free parking spaces which is also important. Venue offered good room and carpet to warm up our gymnasts in a waiting area, secure access and good health and safety arrangements.

We are very lucky to have such great venue and competition on our door step in London and would always be glad to come back for future events.

All our girls are absolutely happy and been motivated to work harder and achieve more in RG. Introducing Special Prizes and souvenirs was a great idea and very well received by our gymnasts. Thank you for making every child feel special.

Therefore, I believe since you have taken the post of RG Chainman, London Gymnastics providing more support to RG clubs in our region. All new RG information, news, regulations and competitions updates communicated very well to us. I feel we can always approach you for more information and help. Such support are greatly appreciated and valued by new clubs like us just starting their venture in RG society.

We are very happy to be part of London Gymnastics and looking forward to next London Championship.

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