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Regional Affiliation 2018/19 – change of process and fees

In a change to previous years, the London Gymnastics Management Committee is keen that the Club Affiliation should reflect the needs of both club and Region. As such we have determined that after setting the annual operating income budget each year in June/July, it makes sense to adjust the amount required to be collected for the Club affiliation.

In most cases this results in a reduction in costs vs prior year (certainly the case in this inaugural year where we are reducing the amount collected by London Gymnastics Club Affiliation by over £25,000.00).
Once we have determined the operating income, we are then able to set the clubs into different bands, reflecting the wide spread of club sizes within the region.

This means that the cost is split more fairly, and means that larger clubs pay a relative amount vs smaller clubs. For example our largest club pays 66 times the amount of a smaller club, but is not taking 66 times the benefit of a smaller club.

The club size will be determined by the number of gymnastic places in a club (collected from GymNet) rather than the turn-over of gymnasts throughout the year.

As now, the club places will be used from the previous year’s figures.

More details can be found below:

•    The Regional Affiliation of a club is determined by club size.
•    The Club is affiliated to the region, not individuals.
•    The gymnasts and coaches are not affiliated individually to London Gymnastics.
•    Clubs will be set into BANDS determined by their size.
•    Each year, The LG Management Committee will set the fees, per band, based on the necessary operational income required to run the organisation and programmes within it.
•    There are eight bands set across the total number of clubs.
•    For each Affiliation Band the average cost for that band of clubs is determined
•    Clubs will receive notification in July of their Band (determined by size), renewal fees and terms for payment
•    The fee is payable by the end of September (at the latest) each year.
•    The clubs may determine how they will generates the revenue to pay the annual affiliation
•    New clubs will pay a fee of £75.00 for the first year, after which they will be set into the relevant band

If you have any queries please contact the London Gymnastics Regional Administrator at

If you would like to affiliate to London Gymnastics please see the following documents

pdf Why Join London Gymnastics (1.53 MB) download the documents and see!
You can download the document 2018-2019 Application for Regional Affiliation (287 KB) here
You can also download the  pdf 2016 Membership Affiliation Rules (78 KB)  here.

2018 / 2019 Bands

Band Fee No. of clubs
BAND 1: 0-54 £75 18
BAND 2: 55-104 £216 18
BAND 3: 105-154 £334 19
BAND 4: 155-224 £483 14
BAND 5: 225-299 £752 13
BAND 6: 300-499 £1,100 9
BAND 7: 500-999 £1,755 10
BAND 8:  1000+ £3,000 2

In the coming days you will receive your final invoice which needs to be paid by the end of September

By affiliating your club to London Gymnastics your club can:

•    Nominate individuals to Regional Committees and attend [and vote at] relevant regional meetings e.g. AGM
•    Enter club members into any competitions, events or squads run by the Region (subject to any relevant performance criteria)
•    Apply for any grants and nominate for awards
•    Sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter
•    Our technical Committees will provide you with information based on the selections you made inside the British Gymnastics GymNet portal.

Rules and Procedures

•    Clubs must be registered with British Gymnastics at the time of application to affiliate to the region.
•    Coaches must be registered members of British Gymnastics and in good standing. 
•    Clubs that have not re-affiliated by the end of October will be temporarily suspended from membership of the region and be ineligible to enter competitions organised by any of the Regional Technical Committees, access reduced cost courses, training camps or any other regionally organised event. The club information will not be included on the London Gymnastics Website
•    Clubs wishing to re-affiliate to London Gymnastics after any period of lapsed membership may be subject to a fine, to be decided by the Management Committee, which may be at least as much as the amount that would have been paid, had the club stayed in continuous membership of London Gymnastics.
•    London Gymnastics has the right to refuse Affiliation of a Club if there are ongoing /outstanding complaints against that club
•    London Gymnastics has the right to refuse affiliation, if we believe a club is not registering its gymnasts and coaches appropriately with British Gymnastics
•    London Gymnastics will refuse to affiliate clubs who hold membership of both British Gymnastics and UK Gymnastics.
In the later part of this year London Gymnastics will publish its vision and goals through until 2020, and this is where affiliation monies will be focused.

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