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Gymnastics for All - What is the Way Forwards?

Gymnastics for All What is the Way Forward
The deadline has passed for receiving nominations to take over from Anita as Chair of GfA in London.

In line with our procedures, the control of TC matters reverts to the Management Committee should there be no nomination.

This situation is far from ideal, and whilst we should acknowledge that the GfA programme has grown to become a sizeable operation, it requires those who want to take something from it, to step up and give something back.

Anita has done a great job during her term in office, and we should be extremely thankful for all that she has done.

I know it’s also been a struggle with limited resource. And of course as something gets bigger then also cracks appear, I have witnessed many more complaints, especially around judging - so on top of the fact no one is standing, there are issues to fix, and bring the community of clubs together.

There is a very real danger that one option the Management Committee has at its disposal is to suspend all activities until the community decides who will step up. It’s clear, we will not run your programme for you!

So next steps...
I would encourage as many club representatives as possible to attend the Technical Assembly at the AGM on Sunday 7 July at St Mary's University in Twickenham. We can use this time to discuss the positives and issues we face, and how we can move forwards
I also ask that you send any comments to the regional secretary in advance of the AGM
If anyone would like to step forward to take on Chair, please let us know. 

It has been suggested to have a split of South and North Chairs. Personally I feel this would be divisive (a split within your own discipline!). My preference would be a Chair who oversees a strong Competition Committee in each Zone but can ensure consistent rules and delivery.

So please, do think hard about the future.


Ben Murphy
Regional Chairman
London Gymnastics


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