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GfA Finals Entry Information

GfA Floor and Vault
Updated 19th July 2019

Please read the important notes regarding entry to the finals.

Dear All

I am delighted to share the information regarding the gymnasts who have made the GfA Finals at Redbridge on 2nd and 3rd November.

Below I am sharing important information regarding the finals, please ensure you take time to read the information to avoid any disappointment of incorrect entry submission.

The event record is now live here and it contains the list of finalists together with the category/panel draw, and what days gymnasts will compete on.

The final competition Workplan which details much information, including timings, draw and event rules will be published before Club entries open on GymNet, and we will notify you when it is available.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in November, and look at for further announcements on the Finals as we build up to the competition.

Best wishes
Ben Murphy
GfA Finals, Event Director

Entry Information:
Online Entry will open on Friday 6th September and close Friday 20th September 14:00. The link to the event record is here.

Entries cannot be received after this date as the BG Gymnet system will close. The place will be considered not accepted and the places will be offered to the reserve gymnasts.

Entry fee £23.00 per gymnast

Competition category and panel draw
pdf The PDF document (125 KB) provides an overview of the draw to show which Level category/group will be in each round, and with which panel

Finalist List with competing Day, Round, Panel, and Starting Apparatus
This Excel document lists the Finalists, as previously sent, but I have now added additional information next to each gymnast which includes the Day they will compete on, which Round they are in, their Panel and Starting Apparatus.

I am hoping this is helpful, as it enables you to inform your gymnast/parent which days they will be competing on, and also help clubs to consider their coaching arrangements for the day.

Please keep in mind the following considerations when the draw was created:
In all cases Clubs from South start on Floor, and North on Vault. The rationale is to help clubs who may have gymnasts in multiple levels/panels, and it being much easier to be in one location within the arena.
Judges have been assigned a Particular Level to aide consistency
In nearly all cases Panel A and B are Level 3, Panel C is level 4, Panel D is level 5 and Panel E is level 6
All the boys are now in round 5
All the younger groups are now in round 2 each day to avoid too much of an early start, or late finish

Coach & Judge Info Sign-up:
When you enter via Gymnet you will receive an email auto generated with this link, asking you to complete the information about your judges and coaches. This enables us to communicate more efficiently and is a condition of entry. There is no reason that you cannot complete the form in advance of the competition.

Nominated Coaches:
All coaches that will attend the Finals must be submitted on the Club Entry via Gymnet. At the competition, all coaches must register on arrival to collect their wristband. Without this, they are not allowed onto the competition field of play.

Important – Vault Heights:
When online entry opens, we will also include a link to capture your gymnasts vault height. If the vault height is not submitted before the entry closing date, your entry will be invalid, and a reserve will be called.

Finalists Only:
Anyone who is entered, and is not on the finalist list below will not be eligible, and will lose their entry fee

Important to note that gymnasts competing in the finals are at the same level at which they qualified in the Zonal competitions. E.g. if your gymnast qualified for the Level 3 finals then that is the level they will compete at even if they were awarded a pin.

Once the closing date has past, we will have an indication of any spaces, which can be fulfilled by reserves. Clubs will be notified of a reserve slot, and would enter their gymnast via the Online Entry which will be re-opened for you. 

Reserves are only to be called on if a whole place above them becomes vacant. E.g. if there was a three way tie for 6th place, and one pulls out, they are not replaced. All three gymnasts would have to pull out to warrant offering a place to number 7

No further reserves will be placed after 1st October.

You are NOT required to provide a volunteer upon entry. These will be obtained separately

You are expected to provide a judge with entry (so please consider alerting your judges now), however judges for the final will be selected by our Judging Convenor, Lauren Murdock.  

Music only needs to be uploaded with your Club Entry via Gymnet (if it has changed since the Zonal Competition)

Please email British Gymnastics cannot make changes to our competition via Gymnet so all queries must be directed to London Gymnastics well in advance of the closing date. Please remind parents that any queries must be submitted via a club official and that they cannot contact us direct.

The Work Plan including draw, timings and event rules will be published in time for the open date of the Club entries on GymNet. You are advised to read this before you submit your entries, as it acts as a contract between London Gymnastics and yourselves as to expectations on the day.

Ben Murphy
LG GfA Finals Event Director


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