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GfA, F&V Programme Revisions for 2020

GfA FV Programme Revisions for 2020
The GfA Transition Group have been preparing the revised F&V programme for 2020, focussing on the issues raised by the clubs, coaches and judges.

Please see attached the Revisions to the F&V Programme for 2020

You can also down theload the GfA programme for 2020 here.

Next week, you will receive the full F&V Handbook 2020, along with the F&V Code of Points 2020.

Periodically, you will be sent links to coaching clinics on 'you-tube' prepared specifically to link to the F&V programme. Additionally, there will be coaching and judging clinics throughout the year to support your coaches and judges, again linking into the Programme.

A Level 2 F&V judging Course is being set up for existing Level 1 F&V judges to up-skill their qualifications.

We are confident that you will find the revisions beneficial to your gymnasts, coaches and judges, and we look forward to the gradings and competitions in the coming year.

This programme will commence in January 2020.

Please note that the GfA F&V Final will be run on 2019 rules - there will be no changes to the existing programme at the final.

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