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Kate Fitzgibbon appointed GfA Chair

Kate Fitzgibbon GFA Chair
Since Anita Merrick stood down at last year’s AGM, the GfA discipline has been functioning with a Transition Group.

I am delighted to announce that the London Gymnastics Board has appointed Kate Fitzgibbon as the caretaker Chairperson until the AGM in July. Kate is well known to many in the GfA Community, and has played a significant part in delivering the changes within the transition group working-party. 

In Kate, I feel we have an excellent Chair to continue to take GfA from strength to strength, and hope you will all get behind her.

As Kate is now appointed Chair, she will quickly get to work to appointing her committee and delivering the programme, with more communications to come in due course.

I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to the GfA Transition Group who have been working tirelessly since last year to listen to clubs, and make tweaks to the programme to ensure it fits the needs of as many clubs as possible.

Kind regards

Ben Murphy
Regional Chairman

Please see below some words from Kate about her appointment
I have been asked to take on the position of care-taker GfA TC Chairman by the LG Management Committee until the AGM in July. I am pleased to accept appointment and over the next few months I look forward to using my role to continue the great work of my predecessors and support the advancement that the Transitional Group have instigated.

Over the past 7 months the Transitional Group has taken this opportunity to listen and take on board the requests of our GfA community. With this information I believe that an already strong programme has been rejuvenated.  The Transitional Group has also looked at the continued educational development of our coaches and judges. We have already had a successful coaching clinic lead by Simon Moore which is available online for coaching tips and strategies in many of the floor skills our gymnasts use at Floor & Vault. There are more coaching clinics planned for the upcoming months, with some focus on vaulting too, dates on these to be confirmed.

There are also Floor and Vault judging courses organised for level 1 and level 2 judges in the upcoming months. These courses will tackle some of the concerns raised regarding the judging at our events, giving current and new judges an opportunity to upskill and become efficient and confident judges. I am happy to report that the judging courses are full which shows the willingness of our clubs to support and progress our GFA programme.

I am excited and encouraged to assist with implementing this revised Floor & Vault programme into 2020.

Finally, as I go about setting up my committee, I am looking for people who are willing to come on board, share the workload and help set the path for our future success.

This is a great moment to get involved, and I would love to get representation from more clubs. If you are interested drop me a note and we can talk about roles that might be suitable.

Looking forwards to working with you all.”

Kate Fitzgibbon
GfA Chair


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