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New Social Media Manager Appointed

Elizabeth Ayto Laverack Social Media Manager
London Gymnastics is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Ayto Laverack as the new Social Media Manager.

Elizabeth has written to introduce herself to you all and I am sure that she will be a valued member of the London Gymnastics Family.

I am writing to introduce myself as I will be taking over the social media at London Gymnastics. I am an ex gymnast, WAG coach and judge, though by day I run a PR company…This is actually my dream job!

The London Gymnastic social media pages are really active and I would like to continue building on this. I am sure you have some amazing gymnasts, coaches and judges across all gymnastic disciplines - MAG, WAG, Trampoline, Acro, Aerobic, Rhythmic, Disability gymnastics, Team Gym, Display Teams, Gymlets/Pre school, Adult gymnastics, then London Gymnastics would love to hear all your news.

Feel free to send me any videos, photos, copy that you think the London region should know all about. If you have a competition, display, festival, workshop or event coming up that you would like to tell us about or results you would like to share, I will be pleased to hear from you.

In addition to the usual items and images, including throwback photos that many clubs send through already, we are also looking for any suitable short workout tips, gymnastic progressions, skills, session circuit and seeing what London gymnasts are up to, both now during this current pandemic and when everyone gets back into the gym. If you have any photos and videos, then we would love to include on the London Gymnastic socials.

If you don’t already, please will you start following London Gymnastics on the following platforms and tag us in where appropriate. Facebook - @LondonGymnastics, Instagram @londongymnastics and Twitter @londongymnastic

You Tube is work in progress but we are looking to develop this page over the coming weeks and months -

London Gymnastics would also like to start following you, if we don’t already. Please feel free to send over your club’s social media and website

details and we can check that we follow you, then over the next few months look out for our posts and be sure to tag and share us and we will try to do the same.

The best email to reach me on is You may also reach me on this email


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