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Cancellation of all London Gymnastics Competitions and Events until 01 January 2021

Event Cancellations 2020
The London Gymnastics Board and I have the welfare of our friends and colleagues at the forefront of all decisions that we make during these uniquely challenging times.

We want to inform you that following a meeting of the London Gymnastics Management Board, and in consultation with the London Gymnastics Technical Committees that London Gymnastics is cancelling all competitions/events for the remainder of 2020.

We have informed British Gymnastics of this decision, and have agreed it comes with the proviso that we would reinstate competitions only if required to do so by British Gymnastics in relation to qualifying events.

It’s expected that indoor activities and events will be one of the last stages in a return to normality, and even when clubs are able to resume their activities, we anticipate there will be a period of time for clubs to adjust their training patterns, and the necessary time for gymnasts to regain fitness and prepare for competition. In addition, we need sufficient lead time for entries and event organisation.

Furthermore, it’s clear that adjustment to a new normal will take time, there will be much anxiety for travel and close contact even as social distancing measures are eased. This will impact availability of key personnel at events as well as the willingness of parents to enter their gymnasts into competitions.

By cancelling all events for the remainder of 2020, we remove all uncertainty for you our clubs. In allows you to focus on your own challenges to deal with the return of members to your venues, and what restrictions may be put in place.

We will track Government and British Gymnastics guidance, and hopefully be able to prepare for a return from January 2021.

Once we have a clearer picture of the status in the final quarter of the year, we will begin to work through the 2021 events calendar, but this is often led by how British Gymnastics places its own events in the National calendar. Rest assured we have positioned ourselves well with our venue operators, moving paid credit for events to 2021, and helping to ensure we are at the top of the list to secure dates once known.

The London Gymnastics Board and TC Chairs are in regular contact. Next week I will be hosting another video call where we will discuss additional ways, we can assist our members.

More on that soon!

Finally, we understand and share the disappointment of everyone involved and affected by this decision. Our principal concern is with the health and wellbeing of our gymnasts, their families, staff, volunteers, officials, coaches and supporters.

Please send any further enquires to

Ben Murphy
Chairman - London Gymnastics


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