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London Gymnastics - Contact Your MP to Lobby to Open Clubs

Contact your Local MP
London Gymnastics recommends that each club (and /or parents and/or coaches and/or older gymnasts) contact their local MP for their home constituency and the MP for the club's constituency outlining the negative effects of gymnastic clubs not being allowed to open on the 4th July as had been stated. (You may also wish to copy your letter to Keir Starmer, who is championing the position of small businesses at this time.)

If you need to find the address for your MP then go to and put in your personal postcode and/or the postcode of your gym and it will give you all the necessary information.

Also send copies to all your local councillors- especially those concerned with sports. 

document Please feel free to customise the attached 'sample letter' to reflect the issues within your own club. (15 KB)

It is important to emphasise the effect on the mental health of your gymnasts, the effect of possible redundancies of your coaches, but also to assure your MP that you can set in place Health & Safety measures to ensure your club is 'Covid compliant'.

If we are to get the clubs up and running again in the near future, we must all work together and gain as much support from MPs or other organisations as possible. 

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