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Affiliation 2021

Affiliation 2021
The London Gymnastics Board met on Friday 2nd October to finalise the 2021 Affiliation fees so clubs can plan their finances. I wanted to provide some background to our decision, before sharing the model and process for 2021.

In considering the affiliation model and fees for 2021, we were extremely mindful of the plight of our clubs since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold and destroyed our own events programme. Many clubs are still working hard to return to normal.

During the pandemic, although without a competition calendar, we have done our best to ensure affiliation fees were used to maximise the support package for our clubs. To this end we have run six Zoom sessions to date, we have offered support grants, and we have provided via Will Flint extensive services for H&S / COVID-19 matters.  Will has been contacted by 30 clubs for basic advice and for 20 of these clubs this have escalated to numerous phone calls, e-mails, site visits, assessing risk assessments and in some cases meetings with venue operators to assist in the clubs return to training.

Our London Gymnastics Board also reached out to every club to offer dedicated support. We have listened to concerns from clubs and have been a constant source of feedback to British Gymnastics, helping to inform strategy and raising many issues for our clubs working out of schools or leisure centers.

I am humbled when other Regions across the country look to London Region to see the way the Regional Organisation and member clubs have come together as one. We are sharing much of our work with other Regions to support them in their time of need as well.

Looking ahead to 2021
In 2021 we want to continue to provide our members clubs the best possible support package. We will continue to be by your side, going the extra mile in what is anticipated to be another volatile year. We can only hope we can get events back up and running, but we can expect they will be in a different format, with many challenges and restrictions in place, and of course with a whole new costing model. 

We will invest in our clubs via our Platten Scholarship for Coaches and Judges, and in addition we will be offering hardship grants, as well as extending financial assistance to support the ongoing training of our Club Welfare Officer network.

2021 Affiliation Model and Fees
We are introducing a special 2021 Affiliation Model which we feel is simpler and fairer for the clubs as a whole, and represents a 38% reduction in fees collected by London Gymnastics in 2021. With this new system 75% of our clubs will receive a reduction in their affiliation fees versus 2020. London Gymnastics are cutting their costs proportionate to the hard times faced by our clubs, whilst allowing enough finance to support the club community as a whole.

For the few clubs not receiving a reduction, we do still believe the value of your affiliation provision will equate to more than the monies paid.

The 3 Tier Affiliation System:

Tier Size
Members 2021 Fee
Tier 1 Small Less than 60 £125
Tier 2 Medium 60+ £300
Tier 3 Large 300+ £700

New clubs now must enroll to Tier 1 in the first year of affiliation

As a reminder, it is a condition of British Gymnastics Club Registration, that the club must also affiliate to their Regional Association. It remains the responsibility of the individual club to determine how they will generate the revenue to pay the annual affiliation.

At the begining of December you will receive your invoice. You must pay your invoice before 20th January 

Stay safe and best wishes for the months ahead.

Ben Murphy
Chairman, London Gymnastics

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