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Affiliation Fees 2021 Cancelled - Message of Support

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Since the PM’s announcement on Saturday evening, we have decided the fastest impact London Gymnastics can make for our member clubs is to cancel next years 2021 Affiliation Fees with immediate effect, meaning no fees should be paid by clubs.

The London Gymnastics Board have looked on with admiration to see the way our member clubs dealt with the challenges of the Covid pandemic. Some clubs have still not opened, some did, many innovated, but somehow most found a way through.

Saturday's announcement, therefore, comes as a devastating blow for our member clubs. Just as you found a path forward, then news comes to close. I can only imagine the emotions club owners and your members feel right now.

London Gymnastics can only do so much, but we commit to stand with you, listen to your challenges and support where we can.

The LG Board are meeting on a regular basis, to find ways to reduce our own costs, as well as look for ways to continue to support our clubs. Yesterday our Joint Technical Committee also met via Zoom to begin sharing ideas and concepts to run virtual events next year once some of the lockdown conditions ease (more to come on that). We are continually looking for new ways to innovate and please do reach out to us if you have ideas.

I wish you the best of luck in the coming days and weeks ahead. Our closed Facebook group offers the best chance to share a concern, or question for the community to help solve. For a more discreet request for support, I ask you to write to me at

Together stronger - stay safe.

Best wishes

Ben Murphy
Chair, London Gymnastics

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