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Cancellation of Men's London Open 2021

MLO Cancelation 2021
Statement from London Gymnastics Chair and MLO Event Director Ben Murphy

The MLO Event Team and I have the welfare of our friends and colleagues at the forefront of all decisions that we make during these uniquely challenging times.

We want to inform you that following consultation with a range of key stake holders we have made the decision to cancel MLO for 2021.

We have informed British Gymnastics of this decision, and are working with them to ensure our programme is back in place for 2022. 

It’s expected that indoor activities and events will be one of the last stages in a return to normality, and even when clubs are able to resume their activities, we anticipate there will be a period of time for clubs to adjust their training patterns, and the necessary time for gymnasts to regain fitness to prepare for competition. In addition, we need sufficient lead time for entries and event organisation.

Furthermore, it’s clear that adjustment to a new normal will take time, there will be much anxiety for travel and close contact even as social distancing measures are eased. This will impact availability of key personnel at events as well as the willingness of parents to enter their gymnasts into competitions.

By cancelling MLO for 2021, we remove all uncertainty for our clubs. It allows you to focus on your own challenges to deal with the return of members to your venues, and what restrictions may be put in place.

Finally, we understand and share the disappointment of everyone involved and affected by this decision. Our principal concern is with the health and wellbeing of our gymnasts, their families, staff, volunteers, officials, coaches and supporters.

Future Dates
May / June 2022

We are currently working with the National MTC to agree the date for 2022. It will be moved to May / June and will be based on voluntary rules with 2 different levels of competition to enable all gymnasts to be able to attend. 

We are excited to send details of this to you as soon as they are finalised.

Social Media
We now have Men's London Open Social Media so that you can keep up to date with competition news. Please click on the links at the bottom of the email to follow us,

Any queries please email

Looking forward to working with you all again next year,

Kind regards,

Ben Murphy
Chairman, London Gymnastics 
Event Director MLO


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