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Anne Retires

Anne McNeil Retirement
London Gymnastics today announces that as of today Anne McNeill has retired as Regional Administrator for London Gymnastics.

20+ years of Service
Since 1998 Anne has been involved with the organisation of London Gymnastics. Joining the then Executive Committee as the chair of the London Festival, through organising Awards Evenings, conferences and involvement with the Men’s London Open to a stint as Regional Chair to the last position as Regional Administrator. Often known as “Mrs Chamberlain” she has listened, advised and actioned many initiatives. In fact in my early years Chair, Anne’s guidance was invaluable to me. Most import of all Anne’s advice was to always say “thank you”!

Anne is one of those unique characters who will never say no, she will always look for a solution first before admitting defeat. Perhaps this is why she has such a foremiddle relationship across the gymnastics clubs. She if the face that represented London Gymnastics when at events and many parents, gymnasts and officials came to know her as our “help point”. She has also been such a front line service to our clubs, I am sure there are not many clubs who will not have picked up the phone, dropped an email to Anne asking for advice and guidance.

And it’s not just within London, Anne has represented London as a Director of English Gymnastics over the last few years, and has also developed a solid relationship with the customer service teams at BG.

So we will miss Anne, like I am sure many of those she has met, and supported over the years. On a personal note, I will miss the chance to ring and chat, to moan, to seek advice, to ask where to find something - maybe I can still do that !

But fear not, Anne will not disappear into the gymnastics abyss, in the future, after a 3-month break, we are sure that as a Life Vice President of London Gymnastics Anne will be seen at competitions and events and will feed back the views and opinions of the clubs and coaches to the Management Committee. She will also continue to support the London Men’s Open.

Anne McNeill comments: “My decision to retire from the position of Regional Administrator for London Gymnastics has not been easy or taken lightly. Over the years the work load has increased and the time with my family– 3 grandchildren in particular, has been challenged. During the current pandemic restrictions, I not only missed them but came to realise how much I had missed of them due to my commitment to gymnastics. So, the time has come for me to say goodbye to gymnastics and hello to my family.

My aim throughout the 20+ years that I have been involved with the management of London Gymnastics in the various roles has been to encourage as many young people as possible to have the opportunity to engage in the sport of gymnastics in as many varied ways as are available. I like to believe that through my many roles I have enabled the various technical committees, clubs and coaches to give gymnasts their chance to shine.

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