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Brand New London Gymnastics' Membership Portal


Today, London Gymnastics launches a brand-new 'Membership Portal' for Clubs.  In 3 quick steps Clubs will unlock access to key member benefits as part of the London Gymnastics’ Regional Membership for 2022. 
While we need Club details in order to process the 2022 membership and communicate with Clubs, all member Clubs will be able to take advantage of what the system has to offer, at no extra cost.  This super-efficient, safe database is for all key members of your team making communication with Coaches, Judges, Volunteers and Welfare Officers easier especially when preparing for events and competitions.

There are some great benefits to members including all data being in one easy to use system accessible 24/7, discipline specific information and easy membership management and renewal.

It is important all Clubs sign up to the London Gymnastics Membership Portal - Please note this is a one-time only process.  There are 3 simple steps to follow, which take no more than 10 minutes.  Log into the membership portal using this link -

STEP 1 – CLUB MANAGER/OWNER TO CREATE AND ACTIVATE YOUR REGISTRATION ACCOUNT - When you register, you will then need to go to your inbox or junk folder to obtain the six-digit pass code to activate your account.  Once you’ve entered this you will be able to set your own password.

STEP 2 – CLUB MANAGER/OWNER TO INPUT CLUB DETAILS - Fill out three short sections on organisation information, Club disciplines, activities and venues.  You will then receive an automated welcome email from London Gymnastics.

Here London Gymnastics’ Chairman, Ben Murphy, introduces the new Membership Portal and outlines some of the simple steps for signing up -

There are also step by step instructions on a useful ‘How To Guide’.  Please email for a copy.


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