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London Gymnasts Excel in Liverpool

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The 2022 Men’s and Women’s Artistic British Championships took place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool over four days last weekend, with some outstanding results from gymnasts at clubs in the London Region.

After a long two-year hiatus, the competition began last Thursday 24th March with WAG Espoir and MAG Under 16 Medals up for grabs.  It was Heathrow Gymnastic Club’s Trigg Dudley who brought home a bronze medal for a brilliant high bar performance which helped secure a top 10 placement – 9th AA. Kieran Rockett from Harrow came 31st AA.  For the WAG Espoir’s it was East London’s Gracie Jane Prosser and Sienna Hunt who placed 22nd and 25th AA respectively.

On Friday 25th March, it was the turn of the Women’s Junior All Around and Men’s under 14 All Around and Apparatus competition.  Gymnasts from Camden, Harrow and Heathrow took to the grand arena with some impressive results.  The highlights were Heathrow’s Ellis Niles securing a silver medal for his display on high bar and for the Women, Maddy Dodd, also from Heathrow, came 5th AA and made it through to the vault and floor finals where she went on to take the vault title and finished 8th on floor.  Maddy wasn’t the only London gymnast to make an apparatus final.  She was joined by Harrow School of Gymnastics’ Lauryn Connor who was 11th AA and qualified in 5th place on Bars and 8th place on vault to make the final where she finished in 8th place on both apparatus.

Next it was the turn of the MAG under 18s and Heathrow was the only club representing the London Region.  Both Pacey Foster and Luca Brunelli put in great routines securing 20th and 26th AA respectively.

The Senior categories are always tough as gymnasts are competing against the very best in the Country including the 2020 Olympian cohort.  The London gymnasts excelled.  For the women Europa’s Tomera Hendricks put in a fantastic performance and is now ranked 13th AA.  Tommera also made the Beam final by qualifying in 6th place on the Saturday and finishing 7th in the apparatus finals on Sunday.  Heathrow’s Alia Leat and East London’s Jerusha Clarke finished 24th and 46th AA respectively. For the men Theo-Amari Ochana and Colton Dudley came a respectable 23rd and 26th AA.

MAG Under 14

Ellis Niles – 6th AA, 20th Floor, 17th Pommel Horse, 47th Rings, 6th Vault, 7th Parallel Bars, 2nd High Bar

Rory Clarke – 13th AA,  11th Floor, 12th Pommel Horse, 10th Rings, 9th Vault, 60th Parallel Bars, 7th High Bar

Zeus Dadwal-Weekes – 36th AA, 35th Floor, 24th Pommel Horse, 31st Rings, 31st Vault, 41st Parallel Bars, 51st High Bar

Nicholas Jones – 45th AA, 53rd Floor, 22nd Pommel Horse, 59th Rings, 35th Vault, 37th Parallel Bars, 56th High Bar

MAG Under 16

Trigg Dudley – 9th AA, 5th Floor, 7th Pommel Horse, 22nd Rings, 26th Vault, 10th Parallel Bars, 3rd High Bar

Kieren Rockett - 31st AA, 17th Floor, 35th Pommel Horse, 7th Rings, 22nd Vault, 9th Parallel Bars, 32nd High Bar

MAG Under 18

Pacey Foster – 20th AA, 23rd Floor, 19th Pommel Horse, 26th Rings, 16th Vault, 14th Parallel Bars, 32nd High Bar

Luca Brunelli – 26th AA. 27th Floor, 33rd Pommel Horse, 24th Rings, 15th Vault, 9th Parallel Bars, 20th High Bar

MAG Senior

Theo-Amari Ochana – 23rd AA, 21st= Floor, 18th Pommel Horse, 25th Rings, 24th Vault, 30th Parallel Bars, 31st High Bar

Colton Dudley – 26th AA, 21st= Floor, 25th Pommel Horse, 14th Rings, 33rd Vault, 29th Parallel Bars, 25th High Bar

WAG Espoir

Gracie Jane Prosser - 22nd AA, 37th Vault, 17th Bars, 15th Beam, 32nd Floor

Sienna Hunt – 25th AA 18th Vault, 32nd Bars, 13th Beam, 24th Floor

WAG Junior

Madeleine Dodd – 5th AA, 2nd Vault, 14th Bars, 14th Beam, 7th Floor

Lauryn Connor – 11th AA, 8th Vault, 5th Bars, 31st Beam, 19th Floor

Sadie McKenna – 40th AA, 19th Vault, 40th Bars, 27th Beam, 45th Floor

Nina Radjenovic – 45th AA, 18th Vault, 45th Bars, 36th Beam, 47th Floor

WAG Junior Apparatus Finals

Madeliene Dodd – 1st Vault, 8th Floor

Lauryn Connor – 8th Vault, 8th Bars

WAG Senior

Tommera Hendricks – 13th AA, 23rd Vault, 10th Bars, 6th Beam, 51st Floor

Alia Leat – 24th AA, 7th Vault, 39th Bars, 21st Beam, 39th Floor

Jerusha Clarke – 46th AA, 53rd Vault, 53rd Bars, 47th Beam, 20th Floor

WAG Senior Apparatus Finals

Tommera Hendricks - 7th Beam

Every gymnast should be proud just making it to the British Championships following a global pandemic, months out of the gym and creative training sessions at home.  Massive Congratulations to all the gymnasts and coaches who took part.

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