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Education courses in the region are organised by British Gymnastics. British Gymnastics, work to plan and organise all the coaching and judging courses across the region.

You can contact British Gymnastics at or by calling 0345 129 7129. 

The Coach Education Panel consisting of representatives from each discipline. The panel's brief is to prepare, maintain and monitor the Coach Education Programme. This includes advertising and promoting coach education opportunities, supporting and advising new coaches and ensuring quality standards are maintained. 

All courses that are organised by British Gymnastics can be found on the main website by clicking here. You will be taken to the main ‘Explore Our Courses’ page and will need to select the type of role that you are looking for. 

If you can’t find the course you are looking for, please complete the Course Interest Form

British Gymnstics offers coaching and judging courses in all the gymnastic disciplines:
Men's Artistic
Women's Artistic
General Gymnastics
Double Mini Tramp

There is also other courses availble in the below Disciplines:

The Coaching Awards
UKCC Level 1 - Assistant Coach - able to coach a group under supervisions
UKCC Level 2 - Coach - able to coach a group, supervise others and run a club
Level 3 Club Coach 
Level 4 Performance Level Coach
Level 5 High Performance Coach

Coaches are expected to work within the level of their award. Each Award has its own level of responsibility attached and coaches are expected to stay within that level of responsibility.

Level 1: This is the first level of award and only qualifies a coach to teach under the supervision of a more highly qualified coach.
Level 2: This level of coach is capable of assuming charge of a club. British Gymnastics requires that at least one coach with this of award is in place in each registered club.

The Structure of the Awards
Each award has a similar structure and this structure is common to all disciplines. All sections of the exam must be passed and candidates may re-sit a section or a whole award. As well as taking the course, you will be guided and supported by a Mentor Coach during your training, prior to taking your examination. This forms the 'post course experience' requirement of each award.

Most awards include training in Common Core, Sport Specific Theory, Practical Modules, a period of Post Course Experience, a Log Book, work with a Mentor Coach, a Written Theory Exam and a Practical Exam

Who can take an Award?
Entry is normally at Level 1 and progression is through each level of the Awards. Further details are available either from the Regional Coaching Organiser, or from British Gymnastics who publish a complete Syllabus for all awards. 

Level 1 Candidates wanting to take an award must be 16 years of age when they start a course. 
Level 2 Candidates must be 17 years of age when they start a course. Their award will be valid when they reach their 18th birthday. 
Level 3 Candidates must be 18 years of age when they start a course. 

There is no age stipulation on the other awards but candidates must have progressed through the earlier awards before starting any higher award. It is also possible to transfer between disciplines with some additional training and by taking the appropriate examination.

What is a Mentor Coach?
The role of the mentor Coach is very important to ensure that everyone is able to develop their coaching skills and expertise in the right way. There are notes in the British Gymnastics coaching log book about the selection of a suitable mentor coach. Among other things, it is absolutely essential that your mentor coach be:-
1. A member of British Gymnastics 
2. A Qualified Coach, usually in the discipline in which you are taking your award.
3. Qualified at least one level above that you are attempting. 
4. Interested in helping you learn. 
5. Prepared to devote time to training you.

Your Mentor Coach will be required to sign various parts of your Log-book before you take your exam. You should make sure you are comfortable with your mentor and that they are committed to helping you to develop your coaching in the right way. If you have problems in finding a suitable person to act as your mentor, approach your Regional Coaching Organiser who may be able to help.

Have a question? You may find the answer in our FAQ section.

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