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Tokyo qualification Continues for Kat Driscoll

K Driscoll Belarus World Cup 2019
Kat Driscoll (Apollo Trampoline Club) continues her qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games this weekend, as they travel to Belarus for the latest World Cup event.

Kat Driscoll, Laura Gallagher, Bryony Page, Luke Strong, Nathan Bailey and Corey Walkes will all compete.

This weekend's World Cup is the second in a six-stage series, with gymnasts aiming to score points at each event. The points scored at each event will be combined, with the total points, and their placing in the overall standings, deciding if they have qualified a place for Britain.

Kat, Laura, Bryony and Luke all competed at the opening event with the following points scored:
Kat Driscoll, 19th place finish – 12 points
Laura Gallagher, 20th place finish – 11 points
Bryony Page, 11th place finish – 20 points
Luke Strong, 20th place finish – 11 points

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