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Thank you from the NEGA Committee

Congratulations and thank you to all the coaches, volunteers, gymnasts and gymnastic families. You have shown everyone over the last few months, how talented, creative, hard working and determined you are and just how much you all love your sport. Coaches and volunteers you have worked so hard to keep everyone engaged and focused through a whole range of amazing Home Activties and Challenges. Gymnasts and families, your response has been brilliant. You have all joined in with real enthusiasm and together you have all kept everyone feeling positive and involved. We have all loved to see and hear about everything that you have done. You really are all amazing. Keep working hard over the next few weeks and hopefully soon, we will be able to 'get back into the gym'!

The President Mr Peter Crawford has written to all Coaches and Volunteers. His letter is here.

Rge Chairman, Mr Dave Portas has written to all gymnasts. His letter is here.


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