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You are able to apply for your AccessNI check online using the Government’s NIDirect website

Circular 1/2019
Access NI Fees. From 1 April 2019, Access Ni fees will change. Please see Circular 1/2019 for specific detail.
pdf Cicular 1/2019 (214 KB)

Access NI Update
With effect from February 2019, Access NI will be implementing a phased approach to remove old incomplete applications. All applicants, verifiers and Counter Signatories should be aware that any application created will only have a shelf life of 90 days.  If after 90 days, the application has not been submitted to Access NI, then it will automatically be deleted and the applicant will have to start the process again.  

Immediate action required - New Electronic Certificates and NICS Identity Assurance (NIDA) Accounts
Please be advised that with effect from 17th July 2018, AccessNI will issue electronic certificates. All applications from that date will also require the applicant to create a NICS Identity Assurance (NIDA) account. Further direction and guidance can be found here, Circular 3/2018 and Circular 4/2018

Important changes for Identity checking procedures
pdf AccessNI Circular 1/2018 (250 KB) , has introduced new requirements for identity checking of applicants, which come into effect from 1st May 2018. They are necessary as a result of circumstances where individuals have obtained certificates from the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), despite having no right to work in UK, which is a breach of law and could lead to vulnerable persons being put at risk. 

The main changes are the introduction of Group 2a and 2b identification documents to replace the current Group 2 documentation and the requirement for Regulatory Bodies to keep copy identity documentation for 90 days. This will require applicants/verifiers to provide copies of each of the documents used in the identity verification process.

In order to meet the requirements that personal details entered on an application match documentation provided to verify their identity, the following documents have been produced by AccessNI and British Gymnastics and must be read and adhered to prior to any application being made on or after 1st May 2018:

AccessNI Guide to Identity Checking

pdf BG Guidance Notes and FAQ

(430 KB)
pdf New BG PIN Notification and ID Validation Form

(405 KB)
Changes to AccessNI PIN number
The previously advertised British Gymnastics 6 Digit PIN Number to complete the online applications: 7 6 4 7 9 2 will no longer be accepted from the 1st May 2018.

Applicants can only apply online if the organisation that required an Enhanced Check has provided a PIN number. To do so, an applicant must contact British Gymnastics Customer Services by calling 03451297129 or emailing [email protected] and request a PIN number from an AcessNI Counter Signatory. Clubs are not to use or provide previously issued PIN numbers. 

A paper form will only be available in exceptional circumstances. Please note the British Gymnastics office in Northern Ireland will no longer be able to process AccessNI applications. Signed and completed PIN Notification and ID Validation Form, copies of identity documentation and payment will need to be sent to:

FAO Customer Support, Access NI, British Gymnastics, Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 9AT

We hope this new system will provide you with a much easier and more efficient way to complete AccessNI checks.

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