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AccessNI’s are a requirement in Northern Ireland for coaches and welfare officers in registered British Gymnastics Clubs. Below is the process that you will need to follow to apply for an enhanced check. Across the British Gymnastics website you may see these referred to as a ‘DBS’. 

To apply for an AccessNI please download the following form and follow ALL steps outlined or your application will not be processed fully.

ANI Pin Notification and ID Validation Form (updated 01.09.21)



For more information on what changes have been made to acceptable documents please click here.

Apply online for an enhanced check through a registered body | nidirect

Please be aware that all incomplete applications will be deleted after 90 days. 

A list of FAQs can be found below.

If you need further support, please contact British Gymnastics on: 0345 129 7129 or email:

AccessNI Guidance Notes:

ANI Step 1
ANI Step 2
ANI Step 3
ANI Step 4
ANI Step 5
ANI Step 6
ANI Step 7

Additional Information

Those who are aged 16 and above and are in a regulated activity working or volunteering with children or Adults at Risk are required to hold a British Gymnastics Access NI disclosure (Coaches & Club Welfare Officers). It is the responsibility of the registered club to assess all other roles within their organisation to determine whether a criminal record check is required and the appropriate level in line with British Gymnastics Criminal Record Checks Policy & Guidance and Safeguarding eligibility flowchart (which can be found in the above guidance document). 

British Gymnastics are unable to accept certificates that have been processed by other bodies or which have been obtained for other purposes.

In order to make an application you will need to complete the online Access NI application form and PIN Notification and ID Validation form. You cannot apply for an enhanced check by yourself. Your application MUST be counter signed by an AccessNI registered organisation (i.e. your British Gymnastics registered club).

Please read the above guidance notes carefully before completing an application.

For updates on AccessNI’s, please see our circular page which can be found here


What are the fees for AccessNI Disclosure?
The following charges will apply for processing AccessNI Disclosures:

British Gymnastics Member:
Volunteers £15.00*
Paid Positions £48.00

* AccessNI define a volunteer as: “A person who performs any activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travelling and other out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives”.

Non Member:
Contact British Gymnastics on 0345 129 7 129.
How can I pay for my AccessNI?
Payment can be made by contacting British Gymnastics on 0345 129 7129. The amount due will be placed in your GymNet basket. This can be allocated to the individual's or club's GymNet account.

Please note: we are no longer able to accept cheques/postal orders as payment.
I applied for my AccessNI a while ago and haven’t heard anything?
Have you forwarded the completed PIN Notification and ID form, along with copies of your ID and made payment? We can’t process the application further without them.

Once you have applied for an AccessNI on the nidirect website you need to send the completed verification form (with copies of your ID) along with the payment of either £15.00 for volunteers or £48.00 for paid applications.

These can be sent via post or email to:
Post: Access NI, British Gymnastics, Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 9AT

Please note any online applications over 90days will not be progressed and would need resubmitting.

If you have already sent your completed form, ID’s and payment please contact British Gymnastics on 0345 1297129 who can look into this further for you.
What if an applicant refuses to provide a copy of their documentation?
If an applicant refuses to give permission for copy ID documents to be held by British Gymnastics, a note of their refusal will be made.

AccessNI suggest that FULL and ACCURATE information is recorded on the AccessNI PIN Notification and ID Validation form including ALL forenames and the exact DOB and address for the applicant.

The AccessNI PIN Notification and ID Validation form will be retained for 90 days after the disclosure certificate has been issued to allow for the appeal/dispute period to expire.

British Gymnastics, through the club verifier will also inform the applicant that should AccessNI require clarification on ID documentation, they may be requested to present the ID documents to a British Gymnastics office again, to allow the relevant information to be provided to AccessNI.
Is the process of requiring a person to have copies of their identity documents sent to British Gymnastics compliant with GDPR?
Yes, as it is a legal requirement. By ensuring that the relevant documents are forwarded to British Gymnastics, this provides a level of security and accountability.
What action will British Gymnastics take to ensure the safe keeping of the copy documents?
Customer Support have specific identified AccessNI Counter Signatories, who will receive all such correspondence. In accordance with British Gymnastics Criminal Records Checks policy on Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention & Disposal of Disclosure Information, all documents will be secured and treated in confidence. Management processes have also been initiated to ensure that the documents are destroyed after 90 days after the certificate has been issued.
Will the applicant be told that the copies of their identity documents have been destroyed?
Yes. Upon expiry of the 90-day period, British Gymnastics will confirmation to the subject in writing that the copy documents have been destroyed.
Does a verifier need to hold a DBS/AccessNI certificate themselves?
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