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Sport NI - Sports Sustainability Fund

Sport NI Sports Sustainability Fund
A new £25M Sports Sustainability Fund has been launched by Sport Northern Ireland to help clubs that have been financially impacted by Covid-19.

Gymnastics clubs in Northern Ireland, affiliated with British Gymnastics are encouraged to avail of this funding opportunity and we welcome as many clubs as possible to apply.

What organisations are eligible to apply?
The Sports Sustainability Fund will only accept applications from a recognised governing body of sport (governing body is named on the UK Recognition list, per the UK Recognition policy as implemented by the UK Sports Councils).

Northern Ireland based gymnastics clubs that have a ‘Current’ membership with British Gymnastics as of 5th January 2021 are eligible to apply.

All clubs can apply for funding regardless of their organisational structure.

The application requires evidence of club accounts that includes three year’s income and expenditure. If clubs haven’t been operating for this length of time and cannot produce three years of accounts, they are unfortunately ineligible to apply for this funding.

What is the application process?
British Gymnastics registered clubs with ‘Current’ membership need to apply for funding by completing the below excel spreadsheet, providing all information regarding current and historic income and expenditure.

Please click on the links below for ‘clubs and entities spreadsheet’ and ‘guidance notes’.

spreadsheet Clubs and entities spreadsheet (Application Form)
(28 KB)
Clubs and entities guidance notes

Clubs must submit their applications through British Gymnastics who then submit all applications to Sport Northern Ireland.

Closing dates
All applications must be submitted to no later than 5pm on Tuesday 12th January 2021.

This will enable British Gymnastics to compile and work through all applications before the Sport Northern Ireland deadline of 20th January.

Available support
The British Gymnastics Northern Ireland team are unavailable and will not be able to answer your query until Monday 4th January. The Customer Support team will be available until 6pm on Wednesday 23rd December and will be available again on Monday 4th January. If you have a query before then, please call 0345 129 7129 or email

Please refer to the clubs and entities guidance notes provided above. For any further questions on the application process or eligibility concerns contact

For more information on the Sports Sustainability Fund please click on the below link.

Sports Sustainability Fund | Sport NI

The British Gymnastics Northern Ireland team hosted an information webinar with clubs on Thursday 17th December to discuss the fund in more detail.

A recording of this webinar has been emailed to all registered clubs.

If you didn’t receive this email and would like access to the recording, please email

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