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Millennium Volunteer Programme Update – Be Collective Online Portal

Be Collective 2021
Background to programme

As part of the MY Leadership Academy programme, Young Leaders who volunteer their time within their Gymnastics Club are also eligible to register and gain recognition and rewards through Volunteer Now’s ‘Millennium Volunteers’ GoldMark scheme.

Volunteer Now’s GoldMark initiative recognises volunteering within sport. British Gymnastics work in partnership with Volunteer Now to enable clubs to register with the programme which promotes volunteering among young people aged 14 – 24. The programme enables Young Leaders to develop their learning skills, provide recognition and provides them with the opportunity to make new friends, gain confidence and make a difference.

GoldMark Scheme Update
The Millennium Volunteers Programme is 20 years old and is currently undergoing a rebranding. For the last couple of years there have been discussions amongst partners and young people about the new name of the programme. Many young people do not recognise themselves as Millennials and therefore the process has started on how the name can be changed to something which reflects the young people of today.

In line with the rebranding of the Millennium Volunteer Programme, Volunteer Now are bringing their ability to recognise young volunteers online. Through the use of the volunteer management system ‘Be Collective’, young people and organisations will have the opportunity to receive their awards electronically. The platform enables organisations to verify hours and the young people will be able to automatically record their volunteering journey which links to their social CV. This platform is free of charge.

New Process for MY Leadership Academies and Young Leaders
The GoldMark scheme will no longer be exclusive to My Leadership Academies and will be open to all clubs who have young volunteers working for them to receive recognition. 

Interested Leadership Academies and clubs will need to create their own profile on the Volunteer Now website where they will then be able to create a group page. Young volunteers can log their hours online through this profile. These hours can then be verified by the Leadership Academy / club’s dedicated person.

Young volunteers can trigger the download of their own 50,100 and 200 certificates (once their hours have been verified) and they will be able to not only see their hours accumulate automatically but also record their training and the skills they have gained. Their Social CV that is developed is also downloadable. Please note, this will replace the old process for completing and posting the paper books and certificates.

Next Steps
If you are currently registered with the ‘Millennium Volunteers’ GoldMark scheme and are keen to continue through the Be Collective platform, please email with confirmation. You will then be sent instructions on how to set up your Be Collective profile and begin managing volunteers through the portal. If your Leadership Academy or club is not currently registered on the ‘Millennium Volunteers’ GoldMark scheme but you would be keen to get on board, please get in touch through the above email and you will also receive instructions on how to proceed.

Volunteer Now have agreed to host a ‘closed’ virtual tutorial session for all Northern Ireland based clubs on Wednesday 10th March 2021, 2pm – 4pm to go through the programme and the Be Collective platform so if you are unsure about how to create or manage your Be Collective profile, this workshop will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Please email to receive the registration link for this session. 

How will personal information be used?
For more information on how Volunteer Now handle any personal data, please see their privacy policy below.
Privacy Policy – Volunteer Now

Please see Be Collective’s Security and Technical Information below for more information about how personal data is kept on the Be Collective portal.

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