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Update following the Executive’s exiting lockdown announcement

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The Executive has set out its plan for exiting lockdown - Moving Forward: The Executive's Pathway Out of Restrictions.

Within the Executive’s plan there are nine pathways that make up the Executive’s Pathway Out of Restrictions. In each of the nine pathways details of relaxations are given across five phases. As we progress through the phases, the amount of restrictions will reduce.

One of the pathways is for Sport and Leisure Activities and a diagram can be found on page 11 of the Executive’s plan.

The return of outdoor sport falls in line with phase two and the return of indoor sport is part of phase three. This means we could see the return of outdoor gymnastics activity in the ‘Cautious First Steps’ phase and indoor gymnastics sessions resuming as part of the ‘Gradual Easing’ phase, adhering to any restrictions that are in place.

Progress through the phases will be determined by a number of factors across health, the economy and the community

The Executive have put in place a four week cycle for regular reviews and actions to ensure progress is made through the Pathway.

Their next review of the regulations will take place on Tuesday 16th March. This will then be followed by reviews on the following dates (please note; these are not dates for when restrictions will be lifted):

  • Thursday 15th April
  • Thursday 13th May
  • Thursday 10th June

The last year, and particularly the last few months, has been very difficult for our sport but we hope that this plan will allow us to look ahead to a brighter future and the end of lockdown.

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