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GNI AGM 2021

Owing to the restrictions in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 AGM will convene virtually from 7pm – 9pm. In order to comply with the latest Government guidance, and to ensure the safety of members, there will be no physical location for the 2021 AGM. 

Information regarding registering and voting at the 2021 AGM can be found within the initial notification. Members wishing to attend the AGM must be registered no later than 5pm Wednesday 7th April.

Nominations must be in writing signed by the nominated member and at least two other members supporting the nominated member. The completed nomination form and CV must be received at the British Gymnastics email address: before 7pm on Monday 22nd March 2021. Any nominations received after this date, or incomplete nomination forms, shall be deemed invalid.  

Written notification of business you wish raised at the AGM should also be signed by 2 officers of the affiliated club and be sent to the British Gymnastics email address northernireland@british– before 7pm on Monday 22nd March 2021.

The finalised Agenda will be forwarded to clubs no later than Wednesday 7th April. 

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact:  

• Initial Notification 2021 AGM
• Registration and Voting for the 2021 AGM
• The GNI Management Committee Job Descriptions and Nomination Procedures
• The GNI Technical Committee Job Descriptions and Nomination Procedures
• Nomination Forms

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