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British Gymnastics is pleased to announce the appointment of three new coaching positions within the National Tumbling Squad programme.

With effect from August 2014 the following three coaches have been appointed to part time National Coaching Roles to operate under the direction of the Head National Coach, Craig Lowther.

Rob Small - To oversee the 17-18 age group and Senior National Squads

Glen Wharton - To oversee the 13-14 and 15-16 Age Group Nationl Squads along with some NDP input

Jennifer Dawes - To oversee the 9-10 and 11-12 Age Group National Squads along with some NDP input

We wish them all well in their new roles and are confident they that they will help consolidate and develop the outstanding international performance standards set by GB Tumbling over the last decade.

The National Coaches in conjuction with the WTC have produced a 'Help Desk' relating to the recently published WAG Compuslory Elite Levels 2014-2017 document. 


The Help Desk contains a series of answered questions and clarifications. It can be found at gymnet.british-gymnastics.org  Login with your membership number and password, click on ‘Resource Centre’ and then ‘WAG Compulsory Levels’ on the drop down menu to access.

19 June 2014

The WTC are currently undertaking a review of the Women’s NDP Grades pathway.  The  pdf NDP Grades Provisional Overview (364 KB) includes the new structure and the skills included in each grade, and is available to download from the BG website.   A full handbook will be published in the coming months so keep an eye on the BG website for updates.

The full handbook for the Women's National Compulsory Elite Levels has now been completed and includes detailed information on the skills/routines required for Levels 4 through to 1 (2014– 2017). The document is now available for you to view and download online via GymNet.

All you need to do is head to gymnet.british-gymnastics.org and login with your membership number and password. Click on ‘Resource Centre’ and then ‘WAG Compulsory Levels’ on the drop down menu.