Competition Etiquette - British Gymnastics
The GfA TC expects that good discipline and behaviour, which is a mark of gymnastics, is followed to at all Regional Competitions, to ensure that all enjoy the event and it can run in a timely manner.

  1. For the safety of your gymnasts please ensure that coaches with long hair tie it back and jewellery is removed as per BG jewellery policy.
  2. Appropriate clothing that has club name, colours or logo on is very useful to competition marshalls as it helps us identify your club. Coaches should wear suitable clothing for coaching, i.e. Tracksuit, Jogging Trousers – full length, Polo shirt or T-shirt, Sweatshirt and trainers.
  3. Mobile phones should be turned off when in competition areas (Main Arena and Warm Up hall)
  4. Coaches must ensure that their language and behaviour, is, at all times, appropriate to the sport, taking into account the ages of most gymnasts. 
  5. A designated place is now provided to allow coaches to consume refreshments. Coaches are not permitted to eat, drink or chew whilst in the arena but water may be drunk and plastic bottles placed in the bins provided.
  6. Seating is provided for all gymnasts and coaches. Please sit and enjoy the competition and you will be directed to where you need to go by the Marshalls. Coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their gymnasts at all times. The gymnasts may be nervous so make sure you have brought enough coaches to look after them.
  7. Some children may need to leave the arena to go to the toilet during the event. Please ensure the marshalls are informed then they can tell the competition organiser.


  1. Your support in ensuring spectators are enjoying the competition is much appreciated. Please remind people supporting your club to ensure they do not ‘save’; seats with bags / clothing and that cheering, clapping etc is of a nature which is supportive for all gymnasts regardless of their club.
  2. Video cameras should be kept in the spectator area and only used to record performances of gymnasts from your club.
  3. Following the BG photography policy, all flashes must be turned off, for the safety of competitors. Anybody failing to comply with this rule may be asked to leave the competition arena. During medal presentation once the gymnasts have finished competing then flash may be used.


  1. Gymnasts will be led by competition marshalls at all times and should walk neatly following their lead.
  2. All competitors are expected to enter the arena ‘smartly dressed’, as per the GfA competition rules, in either their club leotard or tracksuit.
  3. Body piercing or the wearing of jewellery is as per BG policy.
  4. Gymnasts will have a designated area in Warm Up to leave their belongings. Jewellery, phones etc should not be left here.
  5. Gymnasts may drink water in the arena but may only consume food for medical reasons with prearranged permission from the competition organiser.