Switch off of Proficiency Awards, FUNdamentals and Jump into Gymnastics

With the launch of Rise Gymnastics, we began a decommissioning process for the below products and programmes:


  • Core Proficiency Awards
  • Advanced Proficiency Awards
  • Preschool Proficiency Awards
  • FUNdamentals
  • Jump into Gymnastics


All items, including the badge and certificate rewards, linked to these products, were removed from sale on 14th January 2022 and they can no longer be purchased from the British Gymnastics Official Shop. From July 2022, the products (listed above) cannot be delivered.


Please note: 

  • Key Step and Next Step will remain in place until the Rise Gymnastics competition framework is launched and therefore timescales about the decommission process for these two products will be communicated accordingly.’
  • This does not include Trampoline Proficiency Awards which will remain on sale


For more information on the products that are being retired due to the launch of Rise Gymnastics please visit What British Gymnastics products will be impacted?