POW! Academy is an initiative created by British Gymnastics and The Powerpuff Girls, linked to our hugely popular Core Proficiency Award Scheme. The POW! Academy challenges gymnasts to link together the skills that they have mastered in their Core Proficiency awards – creating exciting sequences around the eight key qualities: fun, creative, active, power, confidence, friendship, positive energy and team spirit. Upon completion of each sequence, gymnasts can earn our new POW! Academy badges and certificates – which can be ordered through the official shop, along with the A2 Wall Charts. There are a number of free downloads which will help you deliver and promote POW! Academy within your community. Visit www.british-gymnastics.org/POWAcademy to access to these resources. Download the Delivery Guide, A3 Wall Charts and Sequence Videos to help you deliver the POW! Academy programme. Once you’ve downloaded your resources and start delivering POW! Academy, don’t forget to purchase your badges and certificates to reward your gymnasts!


These POW! awards are linked to the skills taught in our Core Proficiency programme so, for example, gymnasts will use the skills they’ve learned at Core Level 8 in a Fun routine.  The levels work together like this;

  • Core Proficiency Award 8     =       Fun
  • Core Proficiency Award 7     =        Creative
  • Core Proficiency Award 6     =        Active
  • Core Proficiency Award 5     =        Power
  • Core Proficiency Award 4     =        Confidence
  • Core Proficiency Award 3     =        Friendship
  • Core Proficiency Award 2     =        Positive energy
  • Core Proficiency Award 1     =        Team spirit