FUNdamentals has been designed specifically by British Gymnastics to help Coaches and Teachers deliver a programme that develops essential basic skills in movement and co-ordination to younger children.

Please note that we have had to increase our badge and certificate prices from September 4th 2017 due to increased costs from our suppliers – this is the first price increase in three years. Certificates will increase by 3p, badges by 5p each and medals by 7p each – less your usual Club discounts where applicable.

Please always log in using your approved Club or School account to buy your Awards & Resources to ensure you secure the correct pricing where applicable

Taking part in a FUNdamental’s programme helps stimulate the imagination whilst building on the essential core skills strength, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility and co-ordination – all key building blocks for any sport as they grow up.

A Resource Pack, Wall Charts and Work Cards help you plan your sessions, and there are Badges, Certificates and Medals available to reward the achievements of your young students. To start, you can order the FUNdamentals Starter Pack which contains everything you need to get going – and then you can order top up materials as your Classes get going.

NB: To deliver the FUNdamental’s Programme you need to complete the FUNdamental’s Training Day to complement  your current Coaching or Teaching qualifications.  For details, please contact our Education Team on 0845 129 7129 ext. 2392.

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