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Trampoline/DMT Judge Revalidation Cycle 14 (2017 – 2020)

Below is some information which is due to go out from the Judging Committee of the TTC.

  • Details about the revalidation process were communicated in the Judging Update issued on 1st March. Which is on the BG website
  • Why we need to revalidate judges? To keep judges up to date with latest rules and best practice, to maintain professional standards, in line with other gymnastics disciplines.
  • The revalidation will focus on important rule changes, scoring and practical judging, including the judging of ‘horizontal displacement’.  This is in readiness for the 2017-2020 CoP which comes into effect at all BG events from September 2017.
  • Any Regional, County or Club TRA judges, or DMT judges wishing to judge in the coming cycle must attend a revalidation to be run in the region.
  • Dates are being added to the 'Find a course' section of the BG website.
  • At least 2 courses are to be run in each region, but probably more may be run subject to demand. This should give opportunity for as many judges to attend as possible.
  • There is no assessment as part of the regional revalidation courses.
  • Judges who do not attend a revalidation will not be qualified to judge at BG events. If they wish to regain their qualification, they must sit a full judge course later in the cycle (at the appropriate level) and pass the assessment.

We will most certainly be asking for another revalidation course later in the year but it is important that clubs get their judges on the two course which are due to take place on:
Tuesday 11th July           6.00 to 9.30pm    at Jumpers Rebound Centre
Saturday 5th August     10am to 2pm       at Jumpers Rebound Centre
I will send out more details of courses as an when they are set up.

Courses are £25 (Not £50 as was originally written on the BG website)

Any Club, County and Regional judges from the last two cycles (12 & 13) can now attend the courses.

The courses are on the BG website – go to ‘Find a Course’, which takes you to a screen about all types of course, In blue, click on quick course finder which takes you to a set of boxes. Fill in two boxes ‘Type’ - Judging ‘Discipline’ - Trampoline then click FIND and you then end up with a list of courses etc. Click on the one that you want.

Please note:  We as a region or as a course tutor cannot just organise a course for a club. The courses are organised by BG.

If there are any further questions on the revalidation process please email either:
Andrew Jones:      National Judging co-ordinator
Mike Phillipson:                     Regional Judging co-ordinator

Finally, click here for the new BG Code of Points for 2017 – 20

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