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Volunteers & Young Leaders

As a sport we completely depend on our volunteers. Typically, volunteers help in coaching, judging, running clubs and officiating at events. There is additional information on volunteers on the main British Gymnastics site which you can see by clicking here

Young Leaders & Leadership Academies
The Gymnastics Leadership Academies embrace youth involvement and bring together young volunteers (aged 12-24yrs) from an education, club and community setting as Young Leaders to develop their own skills whilst volunteering within gymnastics.  The leaders undertake an introductory programme to volunteering within gymnastics based on the 'super six' areas of volunteering:
1. Coaching
2. Judging
3. Events
4. Publicity / Promotion
5. Health, Safety & Welfare
6. Admin & Management

Each Academy is a constituted group and is run by the leaders, with support from a staff member. The Young Leaders elect their own committee and Academy Captain, and determine the direction of the Academy. During this time the Leaders also identify specific training courses that they would like to attend for their own professional development. The Academy guides the Leaders through the Helpers' Award on to Coaching and Judging Qualifications, including generic sports training. Academy members are also provided with the opportunity to volunteer at national, regional and local events and within a club setting. Key volunteers within these settings will be provided with mentoring training and support to ensure that the young volunteers receive a high quality experience. Along with the serious side of the Academy comes a chance for young people with similar interests to get together as a group and have fun.

How do I get involved?
There is more detailed information on Leadership Academies and Young Leaders on the British Gymnastics website. Click here to find out more. 

In our Region
Clubs who have Leadership Academies running in the South East include:

  • 1066 Gymnastics Academy
  • Wickers Gymnastics Club
  • Hawth Gymnastics Club
  • Summerfield's Gymnastics Club
  • Woking GC
  • Pegasus GC






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