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South West Regional Executives


•    Chair of the AGM
•    Mentoring of the South West Regional development plan


Chairman & Vice-Chairman

Governance of SWAGA in accordance with:
•    Constitution and working rules of SWAGA
•    Cohesion of workforce and Executive committee
•    Regional development plan, aims and policy
•    Employment and volunteer work plan
•    Mentoring workforce staff & performance staff
•    Induction of new members to the Executive Board and BG staff
•    Monitoring of SW financial plan and annual budget



•    Attend AGM & Executive Meetings with administrator
•    Meeting agenda & minutes support from administrator
•    Club affiliations with administrator
•    Policing of club activities
•    Issue guidance to affiliated clubs on association matters
•    Membership database and records
•    Presenting details of a person’s eligibility for a BG award at the January Exec. Meeting
•    Support work of Executive officers
•    Investigate and acquiring of grants
•    Investigate and pursue sponsors



•    Maintenance of Regional accounts
•    Submission of accounts for audit
•    Provide statements for the accounts
•    Advise on  funding matters
•    Advise on Grant Aid Applications
•    Mentoring and audit of TC budgets
•    Mentoring & audit of exec honorariums


Welfare Officer

•    Enforce safeguarding and protecting children’s policy
•    Assist all clubs to implement safeguarding plan
•    Regional point of contact if poor practice is identified
•    Ensure confidentiality is maintained
•    Promote anti-discriminatory practice


Communications Co-ordinator

•    Keep website up to date
•    Communication matters
•    Regional handbook
•    Regional calendar
•    Newsletter (Hard copy & E-copy)
•    Policies of a club’s Facebook
•    Support work of Regional TC’s
•    Support work of county officers
•    Support work of Regional BG staff
•    Investigation of Grant Aid

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