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Free Preschool Home Activities

Gym JAMS (Jane, Arleen, Mary and Sine) are four experienced, British Gymnastics qualified preschool coaches and tutors who have volunteered their time to create these sessions for home use. 

These fun and engaging gymnastics related movement activities are for preschool children up to and including 5 yrs. You are invited to join the Gym JAMS as they lead an exciting and active session, using different educational themes. 

You can view the GymJAMS videos by visiting their Youtube channel.

Each session concludes with Sine using Makaton in an action song and the rest of the session includes the following activities: 

Pulse raiser 
Body prep
Fine motor skills 
Cool down 

SAFETY: Please ensure you have created as much open space as possible, children wear appropriate clothing and grown-up supervision is recommended.

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