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Acrobatic Gymnastics (AG)

A dramatic visual discipline popular with spectators, Acrobatic Gymnastics includes partnership work on the floor where there are five categories of competition, women's pairs, men's pairs, mixed pairs, women's trios and men's fours. This discipline is both physically and psychologically demanding. It involves gymnasts working closely together, building up trust and responsibility for each other and developing skills in balance and dynamic elements. Acrobatic Gymnastics combines the skill and activity of the gymnast, expressive movement and artistry of a dancer and the courage and excitement of the acrobat.

Acrobatic Gymnastics could be described as an infusion of choreography and complex acrobatic skills performed in partnership on a standard gymnastics floor area. Balance, Tempo and Combined routines are performed to music. The floor area is 12x12 metres; Duration of the routines is 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Men's Pair, Women's Pair, Mixed Pair, Women's Trio, Men's Four.

Gymnasts work in harmony and trust, each responsible for their partner or partners. It is a true and testing examination of human relationships. Routines impose on gymnasts a need for strength, agility, flexibility, balance and acrobatic skills. The results are spectacular, intricate balances performed on partners, exciting multiple somersaults and twisting somersaults with partners being pitched and caught. A requirement and opportunity to express their artistry and individual gymnastics skills makes this a delight for spectators and a tremendous feeling of attainment for gymnasts.

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