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Aerobic Gymnastics (AeG)

The newest of the gymnastics disciplines, this fast, eye-catching sport can be performed individually or in groups, mixed or single sex. Routines are performed wearing trainers to energetic music on a wooden sprung stage 7m x 7m (10m x 10m for Groups).

Aerobic Gymnastics is perhaps the most dynamic and energetic of all the gymnastic disciplines. Both male and female gymnasts compete as individuals and in pairs, trios and groups (of 6). Gymnasts compete from the age of 9 years and many continue far beyond the age of 18. Unlike any other discipline the gymnasts wear aerobic trainers and perform upon a sprung wooden floor. In competition, judges look for complex, high intensive, choreographed routines, with perfectly executed elements. Routines are performed to ‘up-tempo' music and gymnasts utilise dynamic jumps and leaps - to feet, splits or push up; static supports and a variety of push up moves and other technical skills, demonstrating excellent flexibility. In addition routines must evidence speed, power and strength, whilst the gymnast continuously moves around the floor interpreting the rhythm, tempo and accents of the music.

Aerobic Gymnastics is not only great fun to train and compete but also to watch. The upbeat music constantly keeps the audience alert and involved with the gymnast, whose aim is to captivate with enthusiasm and dynamism. Audiences are always intrigued by the speed and cardio-vascular nature of an individual performance but it is the pairs, trios and groups with their excellent synchronisation, interactions, lifts and ever changing aerobic movement patterns that continue to enthral spectators worldwide.

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