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British Gymnastics has a Coach Education Programme in place to ensure a sufficient number of fully qualified active coaches provide the highest quality of coaching at all levels to enable every participant to realise their full potential.

Whether you are thinking about becoming a coach, or looking to build on your existing skills and expertise, British Gymnastics offers a comprehensive range of opportunities that will enhance knowledge and understanding at every level.

There are a number of great starting points for your coaching career, for example: Award Scheme Coaching. This qualification is based on our Core Proficiency Award Scheme. It gives the coach a sound grounding in some of the essential and fundamental movement skills of gymnastics.

For each gymnastics discipline, British Gymnastics offers UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) courses. Starting at Level 1 Assistant Coach, these set you off through the coaching pathway of your preferred discipline. Courses can be completed in a number of disciplines:

•    Pre-School Gymnastics
•    General Gymnastics
•    Team Gymnastics
•    Women’s Artistic
•    Men’s Artistic
•    Rhythmic Gymnastics
•    Trampoline Gymnastics
•    Tumbling Gymnastics
•    Acrobatic Gymnastics
•    Aerobic Gymnastics

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