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General Gymnastics (GG)

Open to all ages and abilities, General Gymnastics covers the full spectrum of the sport of gymnastics from pre-school through to all levels of recreation, displays and festivals. The Gymnaestrada is a World Festival that takes place every four years. General Gymnastics can also be competitive, e.g. for Veterans.   

General Gymnastics is the historical and cultural base of all FIG activities. It is a non-competitive form of gymnastics featuring festivals and displays and culminating in a world festival of gymnastics, the World Gymnaestrada, held every four years and attracting tens of thousands of participants from many countries.

Playing a leading role within the International Olympic Committee "Sport for All" activities, General Gymnastics offers a varied range of activities suitable for all age groups, comprising essential gymnastics exercises, with and without apparatus, as well as games. It focuses on items that are of particular interest in the national and cultural context.

General Gymnastics develops health, fitness and social integration and also contributes towards physical and psychological well-being.

World Gymnaestrada
This official world event of the FIG encompasses events from the entire field of General Gymnastics, which are carried out as displays and without competitions. The Gymnaestrada takes place every 4 years and represent a public demonstration of the worldwide significance of General Gymnastics. 

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