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Mike Walker Invitational Competition

The Tumbling competition will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of October 2018. The Acrobatic competition will be held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October 2018. Both competitions will be held at Southampton Gymnastics Club.
‘The Mike Walker Invitational’ Acrobatic and Tumbling Competitions are in memory of Southampton Gymnastics Club’s former Head Coach and National Team Coach in Acrobatic Gymnastics – Mike Walker. This year will be our third competition and is a great way to celebrate Mike’s involvement and success within the sport as well as a great opportunity to host a fun and friendly competition for clubs and their gymnasts to take part in.
The Mike Walker Invitational will host competitions for the following categories:
Levels: Grade 1 – 5, IDP, YOUTH, FIG 11-16, 12-18, 13-19 & Senior.
Minimum age for competition is 6 years.
Please see the attached document ‘Acrobatic - Youth Category Requirements’ for further information regarding the YOUTH category.
Levels: Club 1 – 3, NDP 1 – 7 & FIG 1 – 6
Mixed gender groups will be applied to Club 1 to 3.
Changes have been made to the rules for the NDP run 3, following the same format as the ‘English Silver Judging Rules’. Please view attached documents for further information.
Entry fee: £15 per gymnast
Provisional entry: Tuesday 24th July (no payment)
Definitive competition entry and entry fee: Acrobatic & Tumbling - Tuesday 28th August 2018
Entries made by clubs for this event are provisional at this stage. Clubs will be contacted via email after the closing date to confirm whether the event will or will not go ahead (event viability is based on a minimum number of entries).
Judges: All clubs must supply one judge per discipline entry (if you enter Acro and Tumbling – you must supply one judge for both competitions). For both disciplines, there is a £25 penalty fee if no judge is supplied.
We politely ask that all judges refrain from wearing high heels or stiletto shoes to avoid damaging the carpet matting within the judging area. We thank you in anticipation of your co-operation in this regard.
Should you have any questions about the competition, please contact Anna Tapper – [email protected] or phone 02380 529952.

pdf Acrobatic - Youth Caregory Requirements (234 KB)
pdf Acrobatics Provisional Entry (288 KB)
pdf Mike Walker - Coaches FAQ (689 KB)
pdf Mike Walker Invitational (388 KB)
pdf Mike Walker NDP Tumbling Judging Rules (801 KB)
pdf Tumbling Provisonal Entry (218 KB)

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