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TeamGym is a team competition for clubs and consists of three sections: women, men and mixed teams. In each of the three disciplines a team comprises between 6 and 12 gymnasts and can exhibit gymnastic skills in three different disciplines: floor, trampette and tumbling. All 3 require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. The competitions generate an excellent spirit and atmosphere and are attractive and exciting for participants and spectators.

TeamGym has its roots in Scandinavia where it has been a major gymnastics event for more than 20 years. The Euroteam competition, a recent addition to the UEG Calendar, was first held in Finland in 1996 and now takes place in even-numbered years.


Floor Programme

An optional gymnastic programme performed on a 14m x 20m non-sprung floor area to instrumental music. It emphasises strong and smooth teamwork and expressive presentation.

It consists mainly of gymnastic elements and meticulous choreography. The choice of elements must suit the level and maturity of the team as well as the music. The aim is good technical performance, fluent and linked movements, certainty of synchronization as well as expressive presentation.

Teams perform a tumbling series on a 14m tumbling lane with good "streaming" i.e. consecutively and close to each other. This can produce a very dynamic and entertaining performance.

The complete programme is performed to music. Each team performs three different rounds. Each series must consist of at least three different acrobatic elements, without intermediate steps.

Teams perform saltos on trampette with good streaming. Part of the trampette programme is performed on a vault table.

Again the complete programme is performed to music. Each team performs three different rounds. Again the streaming and complexity of the elements produces some very exciting moments in this sport.

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