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Running Events Safely

UPDATED: Thursday 27th May at 12.50pm

These documents are positioned to give an overview of the resources developed and process required by event organisers to return to delivering gymnastics events. The return to events framework, guidance and additional resources included within the return to events framework do not offer an exhaustive list of considerations and actions, and some of the considerations may not be applicable to every event or situation. Yet the general principles outlined give a strong basis for the planning required when considering returning to the delivery of gymnastics events. Use of the framework and resources is advisory for event organisers, to assist in compliance with the current guidance available for the return to running events. Organisations and event organisers (including clubs, Regional and County Associations, recognised partners, delivery providers and British Gymnastics themselves)must only return to delivering events (competitions and performance opportunities) for gymnasts when the event organiser(s), event delivery partners and event venue management is confident that the appropriate safeguards and control measures can be put in place as stipulated by British Gymnastics through the return to events framework action plan (or similar approach) for full compliance with current guidance.

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