Strategic Plan

British Gymnastics aims to meet the following aspirations by 2017:-

  • Gymnastics is seen as one of the top three sports in the UK
  • The British Gymnastics brand is internationally recognised and a household name
  • The Gymnastics club is the hub of the local community
  • Success creates global icons

The eight strategic priorities of the 2011-2017 plan are as follows:-

  • Create a brand that reflects the values of the sport and unifies the gymnastics community in the UK

  • Ensure systems and processes enable the effective and efficient delivery of the sport in the UK

  • Invest in the development of coaches and associated delivery systems

  • Define new markets/experiences for the 9+ cohort and introduce strategies to stimulate greater participation

  • Strengthen and support the high performance network/system across all disciplines

  • Increase club access to facilities and new spaces resulting from austerity measures being introduced in local government and businesses

  • Assist clubs and coaches to fill the gap in service provision in schools and identify future talent

  • Create a spectacular event in every major city designed to entertain a non-gymnastics’ audience

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