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The City of Birmingham were the Region's sole representatives at Round 2 of the 2016 Rhythmic Group Leagues which took place at Fenton Manor on Sunday October 9th.  The Junior Group of Francesca Barker, Jess Bateman, Daisie Burke, Emily Hawkins and Alarna Turton Group repeated their early season form by winning Round 2 of the 2016 Elite Junior Group League.  They topped the rankings in both the Ball and Clubs sections, with their total being over three marks ahead of the second ranked Group.  With Round 3 to follow on November 27th, the Group is well-placed to do well in the final standings as with each Group's top two Ball scores and top two Clubs scores from the three rounds counting, they already have the top two scores in each section across the two rounds to date.

Also in action were the City of Birmingham's Espoir Group (Amelia Baird, Chanel Berry, Rebecca Dishova and Emma Iankova) who although not able to place in the Elite Espoir League have clearly made marked progress since the start of the season, posting their two highest scores to date for their Free and Hoop routines. 

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